Je roule

August 9, 2006

Back in April, I posted a photograph on my other blog of a Washington, D.C. bus running on natural gas, and I was very happy to see that Lille, too, is concerned about the environment and has buses that roulent au gaz naturel.

We said au revoir to Lille after a very brief stay—just three days—and for the time being, I am saying au revoir to photographs of my trip and moving on to some other observations.

Palais des Beaux Arts

August 8, 2006


It was Napoleon who ordered art treasures to be stripped from the walls of palaces and private galleries throughout his European empire and brought to Lille, where they are now displayed in the Palais des Beaux Arts, which is considered France’s second art museum after the Louvre. The museum houses paintings by Goya, Rubens, Picasso, Lautrec, Monet, and other famous artists. I don’t know what Napoleon would have made of these helium balloons, but I loved them.

Where to eat

August 7, 2006

Lille has many good restaurants, and I recommend putting this one on your list if you like seafood. The car below advertises not a singles bar as you might think, but a Thai restaurant. Meet People is reputed to be good, but we didn’t eat there, so I can’t say. I can eat in good Thai restaurants in Washington, D.C., and D. & J. can eat in good—probably better—Thai restaurants in London. When in France, it seems to make sense to eat in French restaurants.


City gate: II

August 5, 2006

This is the Porte de Paris, which stands on the Place Simon Volant, named for the architect of the city gate and unveiled in 1692. It was originally called “la Porte des malades” because it led to the hospital.

The original moat is replaced by an ornamental garden.


City gate: I

August 4, 2006

La Porte de Gand dates from the 1600s and is one of three remaining city gates to the old walled city of Lille. You approach the along cobblestoned streets that lead through a fashionable dining section of Lille. The gate itself houses a restaurant, la Terrasse des Ramparts.

A walk in the park

August 3, 2006

This cool, relaxing scene is a good post for Washington, D.C. in August. The past few days, have been very hot with the temperature reaching over 100 F/37 C, and once the humidity has been added in to produce the “heat index” (what it feels like rather than what the thermometer says), the result is 110 F/43 C.

So it’s pleasant to remember strolling along this canal to reach on one side, the Citadelle and the zoo, and on the other (our choice) the Jardin Valuban, where many young people had congregated in groups to chat and practice juggling.


This couple, however, preferred the privacy of a wooded area.


Found art

July 31, 2006

I don’t know who this chap is, but his picture was all over the place in Lille. I don’t like graffiti, but I do like collections of affiches like these. They seem to me to be quintissentially European. Here are some more.