La Vieille Bourse: I

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This is one of the four doorways into the old Bourse de Commerce, a restored Flemish Renaissance building consisting of 24 17th century houses around a cloistered courtyard. Lions of Flanders adorn the doorways.

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Step through one of the doorways into the courtyard, and you will find floral and fruit motifs and symbols of the original guilds that traded here in the 17th century decorating the cloisters. You’ll also find … well, I’ll tell you that tomorrow.


3 Responses to La Vieille Bourse: I

  1. MLL says:

    Ah ça, je connais, et je sais ce qu’on trouve à l’intérieur 🙂

  2. Marie McC says:

    Oh, so lovely!! What a crime it is that our modern buildings have been reduced to soulless glass and concrete boxes devoid of character or decoration. I’m really enjoying your vacation pictures, Passante. And I see you’ve taken a few cliffhanger lessons…hehehehehe!

  3. […] The exquisite 76m neo-Flemish belfry of the Lille Chambre de Commerce is seen towering above the buildings on this street. The Chambre was designed by Louis Marie Cordonnier and blends well with the style of such nearby buildings as the Vieille Bourse. […]

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