The architecture of commerce


The exquisite 76m neo-Flemish belfry of the Lille Chambre de Commerce is seen towering above the buildings on this street. The Chambre was designed by Louis Marie Cordonnier and blends well with the style of such nearby buildings as the Vieille Bourse.


Below is the boxy Credit Lyonnaise tower, conceived by the architect Christian de Portzamparc as a block in the sky signalling renewal. It stands near the Gare Lille-Europe and the Euralille Centre.


Two such different buildings, both representing commerce, both built in the 20th century, and both—to me—with their own distinctive appeal.


4 Responses to The architecture of commerce

  1. Marie McC says:

    What a gorgeous town!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I personally find the Credit Lyonnais tower absolutely hideous. That first photo on this entry is lovely, Passante!

  3. Juggerpix says:

    I have to say that the Credit Lyonnais tower, well, looks like a chair. Nice for a passing giant!

    I love the Lille Chambre de Commerce, what an ornate building!

  4. transall says:


    J’avoue que le style de l’immeuble du Crédit Lyonnais est, disons… spécial !!!

    Heureusement, tous les immeubles de ce groupe bancaire ne sont pas du même style et le siège, notamment, qui se trouvait boulevard des Italiens à Paris avait une toute autre allure.


    Didier (photo blog)

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