The writing on the wall (and elsewhere)

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Save for the ever-present crottes on the sidewalk, Lille is a clean city. However, I was surprised at the amount of graffiti …

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often in seemingly impossible places. This wasn’t the only dome I saw adorned with paint.

How do the perpetrators (it must have taken more than one person) do it? It requires equipment like ropes and ladders to be carried into the building and then onto the roof. It requires daring (or stupidity, depending on your point of view). And it requires time because it’s not the work of a couple of quick squirts of a spray can. How do they get away with it? During the daytime they would be seen. At night they’d need strong lights—more equipment to haul up there.

But most of all, why does the city of Lille allow graffiti to remain, disfiguring beautiful and sometimes historic buildings?


4 Responses to The writing on the wall (and elsewhere)

  1. Marie McC says:

    What a crime! Speaking of crottes, the behavior makes me think of dogs peeing everywhere to mark their territory. It’s a shame the city hasn’t done anything to clean it up.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hey, is that dome on Place de la Gare? I can’t really figure it out. But it is, indeed, amazing that they were able to put that graffiti there!

  3. Passante says:

    Elisabeth — It wasn’t far from the Opéra —not the square with the fountain but one close by.

  4. Edwin says:

    Thanks for sending this over to me Judith. how on earth did they get up there? That is trult spectacular!

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