French Flatiron


This building in Lille reminded me of the Flatiron Building in New York City, famously photographed in 1903 by Alfred Stieglitz.

I wonder if Elisabeth or MLL knows anything about this building. I would love to see one of the apartments (I assume it’s an apartment building). I imagine them as very elegant.


2 Responses to French Flatiron

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I have absolutely no clue where that building is. Could you let me know? I also assume that it is an apartment building, and would also assume that they are quite nice.

    Like MLL, I am amazed that you know more about Lille than I do. I am somewhat ashamed…

  2. passante says:

    Elisabeth — It’s on or near Place Gen. de Gaulle. It ‘s very close to where I stayed and my hotel was behind the Opéra.

    You and MLL shouldn’t be too impressed and certainly not ashamed. After all, I visited Lille as a tourist, and now I am writing my travel journal and looking up all sorts of things to find more information about the places I visited.

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