It all depends on how you read it

Every so often, I come across signs that (through no intention of their authors) entertain, frustrate, perplex, or annoy me. I blogged about one such in November of last year. On my way home tonight, I stopped off at the grocery store and came across this one in the parking lot.

It was 10:20 PM and I was really tired, and when I’m in that state but trying to function normally, things tend to become a little surreal. That’s probably why I was never tempted to do hallucinogens—I could achieve the same effect simply by staying up late. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, that meant 3 AM. These days, it’s a good bit earlier.

So tonight, my chemically unassisted mental picture was of a parking space where customers could tether the kid so that shopping wouldn’t be accompanied by wails of “But I WANT … !” uttered as the embarrassing short person lay on his or her back and drummed heels on the floor in the cereal aisle.

4 Responses to It all depends on how you read it

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Ha Ha, I have never seen any sign like this before… Do you mean to tell me that they have parking spaces for people with kids on your supermarket lot? Oh, and I hate children wailing in grocery stores…

  2. passante says:

    Around here, it’s not uncommon at grocery stores, libraries, etc., to see parking spaces for women who are pregnant or with young children. They aren’t legally enforceable the way spaces for handicapped people are; it’s more of a suggestion—and one that I frequently see fit to ignore.

  3. Alex says:

    I see these signs more and more often around here, in the Boston area. The grocery store “Stop and Shop” put it next to the handicapped sign close to the entrance and people seem to respect it…

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