If only we could do a retake

I signed up to receive alerts from the Alexandria (Va.) Police Department, which is how I know that a body was found at the weekend in a dumpster/skip a block from where I live, and that last night, the Alexandria police charged a man with first-degree murder.

First-degree murder means the killing was premeditated. The alleged murderer planned it, set it up. According to the police report, the suspect killed the victim “at his home late Friday night or early Saturday morning and then put her body in the dumpster.”

The victim, Anna Sherman, was 21. She died of “blunt force trauma.” In other words, she was clubbed to death with something heavy. What a waste. Barely more than a child, she had — in the normal course of things — a long life ahead of her.

The suspect is Frederick Simon Ajlan. 26, someone else who has a long life ahead of him. Maybe. He may spend a long time in jail (as well he should), but in the backward Commonwealth of Virginia, first-degree murder carries a possible death sentence, so he may die. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think people who murder should get away without lengthy punishment. Murder is wrong (in my opinion) — and that goes for the legalized, state-sanctioned kind too (in my opinion).

Last night I heard that a man I worked for years ago had died in his late sixties. He pretty much self-destructed through morbid obesity and reckless overspending. He was a bad manager but a nice man, and I am saddened by his death.

I am far more saddened, however, by the very incomplete story of a young woman and a young man I didn’t even know, who were involved in a relationship (according to the police report) that recent events suggest went bad. I would like to rewind the tape for both young people and write a different ending.

Alexandria Police Department photographs.


14 Responses to If only we could do a retake

  1. ggwfung says:

    Life can go so horribly wrong. This story isn’t the most cheerful but it’s good to be reminded of life’s harsher side at times. Thanks.


  2. MIKE FORSTER says:

    Annie was my friend. she deserved much better then this bastard could ever offer. she was murdered for no good reason and i hope he burns. i am not talking about hell, i hope he burns to death, let god sort out his punishment after that.

  3. Karen says:

    Annie was my friend and co-worker, still to this day we are awaiting justice for her. Saddened by her death I hope that he (I still can’t say or type his name) dies a horrible death. Although, this will never bring Annie back and it will also never get rid of the pain and sorrow that I see in her father and brother’s eyes everytime I see them, it will kind of make sense to me. Thanks for posting about someone who was the silver lining to my cloud.

  4. Nellie says:

    Annie was my best friend in the world, blood couldnt have made us any closer, and it hurts everyday. I will say with the trial starting soon, i take a morbid comfort knowing annie hasnt allowed that bastard a night of sleep. i know her, and annie being annie wont ever let him rest peacefully again. I go online quite often looking at the articles of what “happend” only her family and close friends really know what happen, or at least thats what we are trying to figure out. he doesnt deserve to die but lethal injection, thats too easy, i want him to hurt and to suffer, i want him to see her face every time he closes his eyes, i know i do. thank you all for the kind words you’ve said about annie, justice will be served

  5. Missy says:

    Annie-Ba-Nannie…. I have known that girl since she was 6 years old. As Nellie can tell you Annie is still very loved by my family and I. I miss my friend, over the many years she has been a great friend. This being said… I feel that is all that needs to be said.

  6. Passante says:

    Annie’s story caught my attention first because her body was found close to where I live. I didn’t know her, and my sadness for her was the sadness anyone feels for any young life cut short. But the very moving comments left about Annie by Mike, Karen, Nellie, and Missie, who knew her, make me feel as though I, too, knew her a little.

    My heart goes out to all of you who commented and to the many people other people who knew and loved Annie.

  7. mike forster says:

    it has seemed such a long time since i first heard of annie murder and i am still thinking of her. so long ago i left that comment hoping for the death of her killer and still i wish him that much pain and more. time only heals physical wounds it seems.

    im still thinken of you annie
    i never forget

  8. concerned says:

    Anybody know when this is going to trial? I havent heard any updates since it happened. Very sad, indeed.

  9. Missy says:

    There have been some updates. He is now being charged with capital murder, murder of a pregnant woman, and murder of a fetus….. he should be glad that he is in there and not here where the many hundreds of people who loved Annie would gladly be his judge, jurry, and ….. well no need to go there. He should be going to trial begining of next year/spring. 😦 I miss my girl… I hope the bastard gets everything he has comming to him… I am hoping for the death penility… but one where he has to sit on the row for years and years… and the guards I hope mess with him over and over, strapping him in for injection and just as they start to prick his arm…let him get up and go back to his cell and think about his crimes and how Annie did not have that next moment…. I have never hated anyone… until I learned the name Frederick Ajlan.
    I feel for my friend’s family, and his… bastard ruined many peoples lives!

  10. John Friesen says:

    Thanks for a very concise, simple, yet touching post.

  11. Mandy says:

    did this scum bag go to trial yet????

  12. Nellie says:

    the trial starts in July and we will have the final sentance on August 1st. I would just like to thank all of you for keeping Annie’s memory alive. beleive me when i tell you, she was an AMAZING woman, and a even better friend. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as events progress. again, thank you.

  13. dont worry about my name says:

    oh and do you honestly think that its right to kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?

  14. passante says:

    “dont worry about my name” left another comment that I deleted because I do not permit obscenity or profanity on my site.

    I have now closed this post for comment.

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