Cold Cold Ground


It’s an odd hobby for a child, but I used to collect epitaphs. In later years, I started to photograph cemeteries and graves. Marie McC, therefore, is a woman after my own heart. She likes cemeteries too and has just started a new blog, Cold Cold Ground. Of course, I will be contributing regularly. This photograph is Marie’s inaugural image.

Check out her new blog.

Photograph by MarieMcC.


4 Responses to Cold Cold Ground

  1. mariemcc says:

    Passante, thanks for the post and for your wonderful contributions to Cold Cold Ground. I’m sure those who like headstones and cemeteries will find your photos and posts on CCG as interesting as I did.

  2. passante says:

    Thank you, MarieMcC. How kind. I’m delighted you’ve provided a place for me to display my ghoulish interest, a reason to pursue it, and (of course) that you share it.

  3. CJsWriteForYou says:

    I have a brother born in 1949, who died of whooping cough at the age of 9 months. He is buried in a cemetery a mile from my house. His little monument (a heart with two angels on each side) is small but beautiful. I hadn’t thought about him in years until I read your last posting, so I drove by there just to check. The years have worn away the epitaph–but I know where he is. Thanks for reminding me of something that was written from the heart and remembered by those who care.

  4. passante says:


    Thank you for your comment. Maybe you might think of taking a photograph of your brother’s grave and sending it to MarieMcC with your story as another way to remember your brother.

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