The Promised Land: IV



In these two details, we see celebrated the strength and solidarity of women. In the larger detail, the women are led by the iconic figure of Rosie the Riveter, who became a World War II propoganda figure used to encourage American women to work in factories in place of the men who had gone to war.

The original Rosie, seen immediately below, was painted by Norman Rockwell as a cover illustration for the Saturday Evening Post of May 29, 1943.

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More familiar is the Rosie of the “We Can Do It” propoganda posters.


I will wrap up this series of posts on the Chirilagua mural tomorrow.


2 Responses to The Promised Land: IV

  1. mariemcc says:

    Hadn’t seen the Norman Rockwell version of Rosie before. Nice tie-in!

  2. freckled-one says:

    These are wonderful shots. I love the urban art! The colors are spectacular.

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