La Vieille Bourse: II

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We stepped into the courtyard and there in the cloisters was a book market. It’s there every weekday. What a pleasure to get out of the hot sun and join others browsing among the stalls of antiquarian and used books and watching the chess games.

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I wasn’t in Lille on a Sunday, but apparently that’s when there are impromptu tea dances in the courtyard. It would have been too hot for much dancing when I was there.

Thanks to Marie of Alexandria Daily Photo for her four cliffhanger posts this week, which inspired me to make this a two-part post.


2 Responses to La Vieille Bourse: II

  1. Marie McC says:

    What fun, books and chess! And what a lovely spot. I hope there are more vacation photos coming!

    Merci for the kind words and the link!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This is by far one of my favorite spots in Lille. Great shots of it, BTW!

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