La maison Coilliot

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All the houses on rue Fleurus look pretty much the same. And then you come to number 14, the Maison Coilliot.

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The original owner, M. Coilliot, wanted something different, so he commissioned Hector Guimard, the architect responsible for many of the Paris Métro entrances, to redesign his house. Guimard combined volcanic rock, cast iron, and Coilliot’s own ceramics to create this wonderful Art Nouveau facade with its swirling decorative motifs. It’s still a private residence, so you can’t see the interior. Even so, it’s well worth a visit if you’re in Lille.


5 Responses to La maison Coilliot

  1. Marie McC says:

    I adore this enormously!!! I love the Guimard metro entrances and everything Art Deco. And it’s even in my favorite colors! How wonderful!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Damn. I don’t even know this place. What’s wrong with me? I am from Lille, for God’s sake!

  3. Passante says:

    Marie — Thank you. I was entranced when I saw it.

    Elisabeth — I’m from London and I can’t tell you how many “must-see” places I haven’t seen!

  4. MLL says:

    Elisabeth, vous me rassurez, c’est exactement ce que je me suis dit. Ouf, je ne suis pas la seule.
    Heureusement que vous êtes là Passante 🙂

  5. Juggerpix says:

    Wow, what a contrast to the neighboring buildings. It is so different it doesn’t really look “real”. Wonderful building!

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