Eyeing London

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The London Eye is on my list of things to do sometime when I visit my hometown. The day I took this picture would have been perfect for a clear view from 135 metres, but of course everyone else had the same idea. It’s efficiently managed—rather like a ski lift, it’s a perpetual process of replacing the group returning with the group departing—but it still would have taken up more time than I wanted to give up on this occasion. There’s an official site if you’re interested in booking advance tickets online (and saving 10 percent), but for interesting information, Wikipedia is a better bet.


2 Responses to Eyeing London

  1. MLL says:

    Hello, we (my husband and our three daaughters) intend to spend one day in London in August. You seem to know well this city. Maybe you could give us some advice. I guess London eye is a must see…Is there any other places where children (8,13 and 15 years old) usually enjoy to go and see ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    (please, forgive my bad English :))

  2. Passante says:

    mll — Merci pour avoir visité mon blog! Je vais vous envoyer un mel avec des conseils pour vos vacances en Angleterre.

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