En vacances


Today I leave the plants on my balcony in my neighbor’s care as I head off for ten days in England and France. I’ll be back on July 8. In the meantime, Marie McC of Alexandria Daily Photo will be minding my other blog and posting for me.

A bientôt!


4 Responses to En vacances

  1. Janie says:

    Have a wonderful time and take lots of photographs.

  2. Dr. J. says:


    When will you return with photos of your trip? Janie

  3. Passante says:


    I got back last night and plan to download all my photos and sort them today so I can start posting tomorrow.

  4. MLL says:

    Oh quelle jolie photo, cela a l’air d’être un endroit si reposant ! 🙂
    (I hope you will understand, my English is not very good so…)

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