Shadow play


When I was a child, my father enchanted me by making shadow butterflies, bunny rabbits, donkeys, and all manner of other animals with his hands. But shadows also frightened me. My grandmother’s house in Wales had no electricity. Downstairs was lit by gas and oil lamps, and upstairs we used candles. At one point, as you went upstairs to bed, there must have been an updraft because I remember the candle flame got long and thin, and my shadow on the wall was huge and terrifying.


2 Responses to Shadow play

  1. Kip says:

    Shadows are two-dimensional creatures. Compare these elegant leaves to their three-dimensional counterparts. Think of the shifts and changes in shadows. What might we see around us with one more dimension . . . or two.

  2. Passante says:

    Kip, you’ve given me something to think about with that suggestion!

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